Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Temples at the Electric Brixton

What one might term a night of mixed fortunes.

I arrived at this gig early, my mate late. The Electric is a b=nice venue, but I was put in a bad mood by a ridiculous door policy. Normally when I go to a gig one gets a quick frisk and in one goes. Here security made me empty out all my pockets onto a little table, like a naughty schoolboy. This took more than one attempt as I had assumed he only meant things like camera. But no even my balled up handkerchief. And to add insult to injury he confiscated my uneaten food, being a single cereal bar. Quite why this venue alone ion London feels a biscuit is a dangerous item I don't know.

Anyway, I make my way down to the front after an outrageously expensive bottle of cider - no change out of £5 for what was a half pint - to see Creatures. A rather extraordinary act. Very fine voice on the fogeyish lead singer over quite a standard rock band. They don't sound like they look. Can't say I enjoyed the music, but watchable.

With the main act just about to come on, my mate arrives. Now Andy and I are a very much opposites in the vertical stakes. He is over a foot taller than me, and so not the most popular guy in the world if he tries to make it to the front. So reluctantly I gave up my spot right on the barrier to join him right at the back by the bar. For him still a decent sight line to the band, as the Electric is a pretty small venue. For me even on tip toes I am only getting glimpses. Which explains why there are more and better photos of Creatures than the main feature, the excellent Temples.

And Temples didn't disappoint. I have seen them several times now and this was probably their best performance. It helps that they now have a second album, Volcano, to call upon. And a good album it is too, so this wasn't the sort of gig where you wait for some of the old stuff. They do sometimes dangerously run close to prog rock, but overall this retro sound is done very well.

Only other comment I would make, and a shallow one, is to observe these boys don't waste many hours down the gym. They are all tall and painfully thin.  

After the gig we went round the corner to have a drink and dissect the performance. And chat about life in general. In the end a good night. But still sore about my biscuit....

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