Monday, 1 May 2017

Lykavittos Hill

This entry should have been titled "Corinth", as I had booked a coach trip there. But despite having booked through my hotel the previous day, and got up early, the coach never arrived. The booking hadn't been confirmed was one story, whatever confirmed meant. Another was that they didn't have my name (although they were given it) and as there was only one of me, decided not to pass by the hotel. Most likely the driver just couldn't be arsed. Another small addition to the Greek economy foregone. These guys must be rolling in money.

Anyway, that left me with some emergency planning for an alternative way to spend my last day, especially as I had packed and checked out before 8 am so had a lot of morning to us up. So I took the funicular railway up the nearby Lykavittos Hill. This is effectively a park, but on a hill. Lots of winding paths for a walk, and good views across the city.

Panathenaic stadium

Temple of Olympian Zeus



 Up on the top of the hill is a small 19th century church, Agios Georgios

 At the other end of the hill is a theatre used for rock concerts and the likes.

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