Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Horrors at Koko

I do like Koko. A weird, small venue with a somewhat louche ambience and decor. I was at this gig on my own, so arrived early and rather than take up my usual spot at the front I took a place on the first balcony - apart from the downstairs floor the theatre has a number of rapidly rising tiers.

  I also had a good view over all the gizmos.

 The opening act was a band called Baba Naga, although they never mentioned that, nor interacted with the audience at all. I had to search the internet afterwards for their name. I wanted to make sure I avoided the in the future. They were an awful modern version of a prog rock band whose lead singer's face never once appeared from behind a curtain of long hair.

Their performance could best be summed up by the young lady next to me who at the end spontaneously cried "Thank God that's over!" If you think that sounds bad, well all I can say is that you weren't there. It was worse than words can adequately describe.


Now I don't know what's wrong with the Horrors. Something must be as I couldn't get any of my mates to go and see them, and my gig circle is wide enough now that usually someone I know will like a band. And I think they are very good. They are possibly best described as a Goth band, and that's their look, which may put people off a bit. But their music isn't desperately goth, more mainstream indie rock. Lead singer Faris Badwan is no great looker so that probably doesn't help, although with enough dry ice and black hair one doesn't notice.

But this was really great show, fine songs from 5 albums they have behind them, including their latest V. As custom has it they opened with Hologram which starts the new album, completing their encore with in my view the best track off the album, Something to Remember Me By. And the light and laser show was better than one expects at such a small venue. All in all an enjoyable night, even if all on my own.

 A quick costume change at the interval into what looked like lab coats.

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