Friday, 22 December 2017

DMAs at Heaven

The last of my gig marathon of six in ten days came at Heaven.  This is not a venue I had ever visited. Its better know as a gay night club, and is in vaulted cellars under Charing Cross. As a nightclub I can see how it would work well. Indeed the bars are rather cool, fitting neatly in arched alcoves. But as a music venue, frankly, its pretty shit.

It should fall into the nice intimate venue category. But the problem is that the stage is not very wide,  and the auditorium no wider - just long and narrow, Now my chosen vantage point is generally to the side down the front, which neatly takes oneself out of the mosh pit in the middle, assuming there is one. The trouble here is that the hall is so narrow that there pretty much is no side.

And this is the chavviest band followed by the chavviest of followers. My mate used a different C-word for the fans next to him. It was also far too hot.

As for the gig, well I do like the DMAs, but on this occasion they slightly disappointed, but I think that was mostly the fault of the sound quality down in these cellars. But that won't put me off seeing them again in a better venue. Their songs rather belie their appearance.

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