Sunday, 10 December 2017

Future Islands

Future Islands are another of those US bands whom no-one has heard of and yet they still have a string and devoted live following. Here they were doing a three night residency at Brixton Academy. Impressive.

I arrived very early, which I like as it enables one to enjoy the emptiness and sheer size of this old theatre.

Support came from a very decent combo called Zach Mexico.Very able musicians with a good vocalist. Difficult to describe their style, other than quite frenetic and highly entertaining to watch.  Liked them a lot.

But onto Future Islands. Actually quite hard to describe them too. Lead singer Samuel T Herring (yes really) has an amazing voice, veering from a nice strong rock voice with a satisfying slight tinge of gravel, to a weird Satanic bellowing (which I admit I can do without).  

And at one end his singing and dancing displays a degree of intensity, but at the same time seems just a parody. Think Ricky Gervaise dancing in the Office.  All I can do is recommend listening or seeing them. Its an experience, and a good one. (Also I like the fact he is slightly tubby and losing his hair.)

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