Sunday, 27 November 2016

Last of New England (and an unexpected bit of Temples)

Solast dy of the holiday. And farewell to our little flat. Well we had an extra night, but would be up befoe dawn next morning for our flight. So last chance to see the view from our little balcony.

Then on into town.

We decided upon a seafood restaurant for lunch in Back Bay, to be followed by an afternoon trip to Salem. Not a good move. Atlantic Fisnh Company had pretensions to fine dining, but food not up to it. And especially annoying was the fact that Thibault got ID'd (which was normal) but they wouldn't accept a driving licence as evidence of age - unlike every where else we had been. On top of that Thibault's shellfish platter ended up all being deep fried in breadcrumbs and could frankly have just been fish and chips. On top of that with the time taken and the odd train times, there would be a 2 hour gap to the next train to Salem, so making it not worth the trip. Thibault couldn't face going round Harvard, and having walked around most of Boston the day before, the best option was the Fine Ats Museum. To which of course I had been the night before. However, the tickets allow for two visits, so I was quite happy top return and take in some of the parts I hadn't seen while Thibault did the rest.

After that there wasn't much to do but return home, pack, and then find somewhere nice for dinner. After looking at various options we decided to go back to Back Bay to the sushi restaurant we had visited on our first night, Douzo,  but this time book a table. There is always the concern that if you return its not quite as exciting as the first time. But actually this was an excellent choice. They had a sushi and sashimi platter, which after a starter was, as we were warned bu your waiter, quite a lot of food. And so it was, but we managed it. And a very happy experience it was. Truly delicious. So after a maybe rather disappointing last day, we had a very enjoyable last meal. (That sounds like an execution!)

I have friends who turn up their noses at lots of raw fish, but then so would I have done a few years ago. Sometimes you just have to try things.

The other nice thing I felt by the end of our meal was that I had now completed my third holiday with Thibault without us falling out. I may not have been his optimum holiday partner, but we were still good friends at the end. And holidays tend to be quite a strain on friendships. I think our success is a non-negative thing. Its not how much we like each other or our similar interests (which are close to negligible) but that we don't actually irritate each other. And generally if you spend enough time with someone something irritates.

So final leg was plane home at horribly early start, which required an uber trip to the airport. But we got there and all smooth flying. But one last little thrill for me just about to head into customs at Heathrow. For just as we were both about to enter I saw someone I recognised - the guitarist from Temples. So while Thibault pressed on through Customs I turned round to see the whole band there. Needless to say I wanted to chat, but was too tired to be properly coherent. My "Excuse me, but are you Temples" was a bit otiose, given that the last time I had seen them play I was close enough to the guitarist to read his set-list on the floor in front of him. Even without my glasses. I think they were at least as surprised to be recognised, not perhaps per se, but by someone my age who wasn't actually their parents. Unfortunately I couldn't say much given Thibault had ploughed on through Customs and, if I didn't follow soon, would think I had been detained and strip searched as potential drug-smuggler. Ah well, so much for my brush with the (not very) famous.

(And no, no photographs. I am sorry but at my age I just couldn't bring myself to ask for a selfie.

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