Sunday, 27 November 2016

Oxford v Coventry

Luckily I am long past the age that I really get upset at my team losing. Lucky indeed given the regularity with which they now do. So watching this match didn't detract from a nice weekend with my friends. They were somewhat bemused by me taking a photo of the Kazzam stadium as we walked in. Of course, in a photogenic city like Oxford this seems a highly unlikely choice of subject matter. Although there is something quite striking about the modern stadium just appearing above the shrubbery.

Having arrived in good time, Quen decided to purchase some chips to keep us going, so here is the Dury family caught in mid-chip. There is something ever so appealing about a good old-fashioned chip, as opposed to those horrible fried things you get out of MacDonalds.

So, onto the match. Which, as a City fan, was a horror story start to finish. A goal down early on, three down buy half-time, a better second half but despite a lot of effort, got caught on the break for a fourth and then genuinely game over. A consolation goal deep into injury time from the penalty spot was little consolation.

Mascots get smaller and more numerous every season.
 The most unusual feature of the game was an injury to one of The Oxford players. He was put into a brace and carried off very carefully for fear of a spinal injury. So the game actually had nearly 12 minutes of stoppage time.

 After lunch together on Sunday we went our separate ways but before the train departed I felt I ought to visit the Weston Library, whose restoration and development had recently been shortlisted for the RIBA architecture prize for 2016. Done a decent amount with limited material, but basically its an unattractive 20th century building compared to the Sheldonian on the other side of the road. Compare and contrast.

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