Sunday, 16 July 2017

Astoria - Olympia -Seattle

Holiday nearing its end - this was or last day with our trusty SUV.

Coming out of Astoria I got sent out by Thibault to photograph this sign - best place name of our vacation - Dismal Nitch.

Our lunch stop on the way to Seattle was at the State capitol, Olympia. A fine choice. We stopped in the park by the lake with capitol building in front of us. 

 After a nearby lunch we walked around the lake, which was a bit further than we anticipated but pleasant enough.

So the car went back to the airport car rental and we got the quite nifty shuttle into town.

Our airbnb turned out to be in the gay/Bohemian suburb of Seattle, Capitol Hill, and up a hill it was. But its drawback was getting entry at all. With a phone call we got someone round who basically said the door was "sticky" (ie after unlocking you needed to put your shoulder to it!).

Clearly this was being run as a rental business. It wasn't very well equipped, but it served our purpose.

So then we walked into Downtown, which was quite a walk but at least downhill.

A walk along the Waterfront seemed sensible.

  But it was hot and crowded, and the touristy waterfront was tacky touristy. But we found a classy bar outside on one of the piers, and felt all the better for it.

Nearby was a sculpture park, so we wandered around that before dinner at a restaurant Thibault had booked earlier.

 This was restaurant with a view on one of the piers, but was another classy affair, with nice views of the setting sun across the Bay, and good seafood. Our bill came to £230, but at least it was a nice meal in a nice place. And it lifted our spirits as Seattle had rather disappointed us.

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