Sunday, 9 July 2017

Wells Gray Provincial Park

One of our longer drives was Jasper to Kamloops, and as Thibault had arranged to join a Karate club at 4pm in Kamloops, we had an early start, with the aim of stopping off in Wells Gray Provincial Park for a little bit of hiking.

 Along the way we stopped at a visitor centre for loo (for Thibault) and photos (for me). A lovely spot with open meadow in front of snowy mountain peak - Mount Robson..

Wells Gray should be on people's list for a visit, but it isn't. Its a bit off the beaten track, but worth reaching. Nearest town is Clearwater, which has nothing.  But the park has three particular waterfalls, which is all we had time to visit apart from enjoying scenery along the road. But the three are spectacular - Sphats Falls, Dawson Falls and the mighty Helmecken Falls.

As you can see, not exactly rush hour on the roads

Sphats Falls. Spectacular - as are the viewing platforms above!

 Bellow are Dawson Falls - a sort of mini Niagara, ie wide falls across a river rather one long drop like Sphats.

Thibault exasperated that I am taking yet another photo as we walk between viewing areas.

 And finally Helmcken Falls, 4th largest in Canada - a 141m drop. Ok sometimes size does matter. Sheer enormity of these, with accompanying roar, impresses. You have to go there.

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