Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Arcade Fire at Wembley Arena

I think I recently had a rant at what a rubbish venue the O2 is. One worse is Wembley Arena. Partly because it is so hard, or at least time consuming to both get into and get home from. So a band has to be really good to get me out there. Enter Arcade Fire.

Unlike almost all acts, this one was played in the round (as curiously was Julius Caesar which I had seen the night before at the theatre). So the set up was to have a square stage in the middle of the standing area (the pitch one might say) and the centre part of that square stage was a circular slowly revolving part. The keyboards thus were in the centre and slowly revolved for the crowd, while the more mobile members of the band either hopped on to the middle or stood on the outside, and then moved around as they saw fit. Being as numerous as they are they have people to spare and so someone at all points could be facing some part of the crowd. SO much for the logistics.

Arcade Fire are just such an accomplished band. They did not overplay stuff from their new album, but gave us a fair smattering across their work. All brilliant in my view, and indeed of both my mates. Vocals, instruments, varied songs, just terrific. Making up for both the journey and the sweltering heat in the venue.

If you are wondering, above the stage was a further screen on which they could either show videos or enlarged pictures of the live act below.

The show also featured a rather nice little cameo performance from Chrissy Hinde of the Pretenders, singing "Don't get me Wrong"

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