Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Natahniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats

This trip to Shepherds Bush Empire was the idea of my mate James actually. I had never heard of this outfit, although knowing I was coming to this gig I had bought a couple of cds and given them a bit of a play. So I sort of knew what was coming, but in truth it was all so much better.

First up the support act Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Who ought not to have been up to much but were just splendidly entertaining, vastly more than one has a right to expect from an ageing support act. They were interesting to watch, great to listen to. Perhaps vaguely could be described as country, but as I hate country & western, I do mean vaguely. 

And as we arrived early, we got a place at the front, much to James' evident delight. That also explains the good photos - not taken over the top of a crowd.

So then onto the main act, the rather sprawling Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats. Apparently Nathaniel had ploughed a loan furrow without major success, bt by adding a band he got a real following. As I say, I had never heard of them, but they sold out the Empire three nights running, this being the third.

 What can I say? Nathaniel has a great voice, i a larger than life character, and what a rel man should look like - seriously pot-bellied. And they gave the clear impression that they were loving playing for us. A truly joyous performance. Check them out when next they tour. You won't regret it. Have to be seen.

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