Sunday, 15 April 2018

Declan McKenna at the Forum

 My mate Andy said this guy Declan McKenna was a great songwriter and really liked his debut album, so persuaded me to go to this gig at the Forum. Frankly I rarely need much persuading to see live music.

So I turn up early, ie about 30 minutes after doors open but before any acts come on. Normally this means I virtually walk straight in and there are a few dozen people scattered about. This time I found a queue snaking all round the block. And it consisted of about 80% teenage girls. And when eventually we got in, (Andy having joined me in the queue before I got to the front of it), the front part of the venue was already rammed with teenage girls wanting to be sure they were near to their teenage idol.

Andy and I took up position on the top tier of the stalls, what a woman next to us described as the parents' balcony, because, yes, a lot of the teenagers were sufficiently young that they had mums and dads bringing them.

So what was it like? Well I won't lie; pretty awful. Andy spent the whole evening saying how much better he sounded on record. I mean he looked a handsome boy and so would appeal to the teenage girl market. Voice ok, he strummed away happily on his guitar and did a little bit of awkward banter about how great an evening it was. A bit that started "There are times in your music career..." sounded particularly overblown coming from a 19 year old.

When I have time I will try and listen to the album a bit, to see if Andy was right. Will need some persuading.

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