Monday, 18 September 2017

Dubrovnik - Walking the walls

One thing you really have to do in Dubrovnik is walk along the top of the walls of the Old Town. So we did, probably not as early in the morning as w should have done to avoid the crowds. We were definitely not alone.

The walk down from our apartment was a long one. Some 400 steps. But pretty ones.

So, up the walls we go.

 As you can see, we were not alone.

 But the views are wonderful. So i won't say much more now. Just a photo album really.

Proof that I am more suited to a medieval lifestyle. At least I fit under the lintels.

My travelling companions, obviously enjoying the experience

Thibault looking cool with this fat old bloke who has got into the picture. Shit, its me! Ah well, at least I look happy.
 Not all the area of the walls was heaving with people.

There can be a time to be ripped off with over expensive drinks at a cafe, when there is a view like this. Worth it.

A pirate ship. Well sort of. Ordinary boat dressed up. And packed to the gunnels with tourists.

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  1. so, where were Daenerys, the Dragons, and most importantly, Jon Snow ?