Sunday, 6 May 2018

Around Plumelec and Tredion

Next morning we did some pottering around the region of Phil's hamlet, Cadoudal

So there is this war memorial, by an old mill. Which happens to be a great look out spot, which is why allied troops were parachuted in before D Day landings, and why the Germans were up here in the first place to pick them off. Fist casualty of the landings.

Next stop was the chateau of Tredion. Now this is one of those places so magnificent that you wonder why you have never herd of it. Truly one of the most beautiful spots I have visited. And Phil and I had the place to ourselves. Well you can't visit the chateau itself, although it is hired out for weddings. But you can wander the gardens entirely without meeting another soul.

 A small roadside shrine/grotto.

Medieval washing facilities.

Phil and cows enter staring competition. I think its what one does for entertainment in these parts. Cow on right seems to have taken a fancy to me.

Rural chapel

Quite pleased with myself at capturing this picture of a goldfinch
 And finally one of the huge megaliths that dot the countryside hereabouts.

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