Tuesday, 8 May 2018


After a week on Brittany with Phil I moved onto Paris to spend a long weekend with Val and Betty, two Australian ladies I had met when travelling in Zambia (as one does). They were over in Europe so we agreed to meet up in a Parisian Airbnb. Val selected the apartment in the Marais district and have to say for our needs she couldn't have picked much better. Just the right size for us and in walking distance of central Paris. And we had a nice little balcony, as modelled by the ladies below.

My en suite room

We got access at around noon, so we went off on a stroll around the Marais, pictures below. For those unaware of it, this district is particularly known for its surprising medieval remains

Hotel Sully

 After Hotel Sully (which my photos above somewhat skilfully hide the scaffolding), a church across the road.

After our stroll around the area we returned to the apartment and considered dinner. I had recommended my favourite Parisian restaurant, Cafe Julien. Which was about a 45 minute walk across town. But it was a nice evening, so my friends agreed to the trek..

I think by the time we got to the restaurant they were wondering if this was such a good idea. But on entering their faith in me was restored. This is a beautiful art nouveau brasserie. The decor is just stunning.

Fortunately the food matched up. All splendid. A great evening. We didn't even mind the long walk home.

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