Sunday, 6 May 2018


 Josselin is one of the prettiest places on Earth. Sadly, or so I thought, the good weather had largely gone and grey clouds were the order of the day. This would detract from the photos.

Josselin has two attributes. First a pretty medieval town with timbered houses. Second a castle perched above the river (well canal). To this one might add a cathedral, but here in France every town has one of those.

Fittingly this lovely historic building houses the tourist information.

Best bit of the cathedral in my mind is the modest pulpit.  No doubt who was the important man here.

But this is one place where not only can you climb the church tower for a view, but its free. So up we went.

Wending past the extensive road works we made it down to the canal and the views of the castle

 Bit cloudy, but gives it a moody quality.

So we went for a canal side walk before lunch.

So, noi shortage of pretty views there, was there? Now for lunch at this very nice bistro facing the canal. I t had good write ups on trip advisor and an enviable spot. Obviously we wanted to eat outside. And Phil kindly gave me the seat facing the canal. And facing the sun, which was just starting to come out and stay out.

Food was very nice. We had the set meal. And it was sunny. And warm. And very sunny. And French service being what it is, we were there for quite a while. In the midday sun. SO the inevitable happened. My face, unadorned with sunscreen as it was such a grey day when we set out, was quickly burnt to a crisp. It turned the colour of beetroot and then basically fell off.

Anyway post lunch we headed up to walk in the opposite direction. Just as lovely.

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