Monday, 7 May 2018

Fortress of Largoet

Another unknown beauty spot, and definitely should be part of any holiday in Brittany. This is one of the most half-hearted tourist attractions you will come across. To enter, you go to the big gate you see in the photo below, and ring the door bell. A chap comes down top let you in and sell you your ticket. He wasn't overworked. Only on our way back did we come across a second visitor. If you like your tourism quiet then this is the p[lace for you. Perfect solitude to explore.

One "in" you then have a long walk through the wooded driveway until suddenly you come across the fortress. Ten you are on your own to explore. I suppose you would have to say explore the ruins, although you can climb a spiral staircase pretty much to the top of one of the towers. However no fine furniture to see here, just pigeons. A pamphlet explains what "room" you are in.

The interior of the tower is not exactly over-restored. It only just feels safe to enter without a hard hat.

Having explored the castle buildings inevitably one has the urge to circumnavigate the moat.

On the way home we popped into another prehistoric burial site.

 And another privately owned chateau - at a distance. We just peaked through the impressive gate-house

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