Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hotel Presidente and Museo del Banco Central

Back in the capital, San Juan, but now staying at the plush boutique Hotel Presidente, a serious step up from the Aranjuez at which I stayed on arrival. My room was huge.

And the bathroom even larger. The jacuzzi was so vast you pretty much had to run it the night before to be ready in the morning. Unfortunately was too tight to hire the number of hookers required to fill it.

 Overall it was just lovely spacious and quitet.

And situated right in the middle of town so perfect. And also ridiculously stylish.


 One test of how trendy a place is is to count the number of sewing-machines on display.

But the coolest bit of artwork lying around the hotel was this old cartwheel painted with a jaguar. Want one.

There were a couple of sights that I had deliberately chosen to leave for my return. One was the Museo del Banco Central. This is a weird purpose built museum. Weird firstly because its built pretty much in a bunker. Actually it reminded me of an underground car park.

 Inside, well the staircase was interesting.

The second reason its weird is that it houses three unrelated collections. The first is a collection of banknotes and coins, which was a s good as numismatic collection can be. Which isn't a high bar.

Then there is the real reason for going - the collection of pre-Columbian gold (and other pre-Columbian artefacts).

I think this shows what a well-dressed pre-columbian warrior is supposed to wear - almost nothing but his gold. Chilly if you try to do the same thing in Sheffield in January.

And thirdly there is exhibition space for modern art. The exhibition here was very high on pretension, low on quality. This was the opening gambit of the exhibition.

I finished off the day in a very nearby well-rated Argentinian steakhouse. Ironically the vegetables were superb, the steak merely ok.

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