Sunday, 18 February 2018

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

On my last full day in Costa Rica I took a day trip out the the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. This is very much a tourist creation. Perfectly manicured it is designed to get tourist coach parties through. It also meant that one couldn't get just a trip there and back. There was also the obligatory stop at a coffee field, which was fine, but then followed by an artisan shop for coffee, chocolates and knick-knacks.

The Gardens themselves were fine, but so carefully laid out that we didn't need our guide (which is code for it would have been better without him).

The place is essentially in two halves. The first is a wildlife, well they would call a wildlife sanctuary, but lets call a spade a spade, a zoo. Starts with an aviary.

 Then onto butterflies.

By this time I had got talking to an Italian physics PHD student, who spoke truly excellent English and had studied in Berlin and London. Just a really nice interesting guy to get chatting to. One of the advantages of doing these sorts of trips.

Me with blue morpho.

A snake-house

And then on to the big cat enclosure, starting with ocelots

Puma - top of the food chain


 Next the frogs

 The small colourful ones tend to be the poisonous ones.

 Then out into the second part of the park for a walk past a series of waterfalls. Which were very impressive.

 And finally views across the country. Satisfying day out.

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