Sunday, 4 February 2018

To Monteverde and the Trapp Family Lodge

Leaving Casa Luna meant leaving the towel sculptures. The last one was particularly fine - a little pig.

 And also leaving my breakfast bird-watching. One up on any bird table in your back garden in Blighty.

And farewell to the rather nice pool.

I was going to call this entry the road to Monteverde, but that would be inaccurate, since first we needed to traverse the Arenal reservoir. Once more in a pleasure boat with the luggage carefully stowed in a heap on the front seats.

A very misty journey across the reservoir it was too.

Then we transferred to a mini bus with remarkably good suspension to cope with incredibly bumpy, windy road to Monteverde.

Great hilly landscape. And eventually the clouds broke.

Finally I arrived at the Trapp Family Lodge, about 3kms beyond the village of Monteverde. The lodge is essentially a series of tiered chalets climbing up the hillside. I was pleased to accept help with my luggage. Quite a climb as i was in one of the top row.

Lovely room

But the best part was the view. Well that's the advantage of being at the top. And the Lodge makes the most of it with huge picture windows which encourage you just to sit there and drink it all in.


 The bed was truly huge - I never slept in more than a third of it.

And always nice to have the neighbourhood vultures in attendance nearby.

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