Sunday, 18 February 2018

Samara - a hike along the cliffs

I was supposed to go dolphin-watching, but it was cancelled due to high winds. Which felt odd as it was perfectly calm down here. Having had such an early, if abortive start, it was tempting just to lounger around, either the hotel pool, or on my hammock.

Nice towel again

 I could just watch the wildlife from my deckchair.

But eventually I forced myself to get moving. I decided to head back to the beautiful beach that is reachable from the back of the hotel, and then walk up along the cliffs. But first the coati family down a river bed. One had already tried to run away with my rucksack by the pool. Big teeth and claws left a mark on my bag, but they haven't quite got the dexterity to unzip the compartment containing the cereal bar the animal wanted.

Finally captured the resident flock of Brown Pelicans

 I think you will agree, that is a very photogenic beach. Right, up the cliffs which offered great views both ways, out to see or back inland. Have to admit I had to be a little more intrepid to get the best photos than ideally I would like to be when on my own. This is not a well frequented tourist trail with carefully walled vistas. Its a scrabble through undergrowth job.

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