Saturday, 3 February 2018

Rio Frio

Last day at Casa Luna and a trip out to the Rio Frio. Note latest towel sculpture.

Early breakfast with two Chestnut-billed Toucans up first thing

And a Grey-necked Wood Rail up next

 So, of on my journey. About half an hour on a mini bus. Just me. Stopped for a Howler Monkey

 So onto the Rio Frio for a boat rip. They have lots of pleasure boats here, as you can see, but I was the only customer at this particular time.

 I was expecting a small boat given just me, guide and driver. But instead I got one of the biggest boats. Just for me.

The aim of this was just to spot as much wildlife as possible (as well as enjoy the river and chomp through some fresh pineapple).

Little Blue Heron

There had been a lot of rain recently - river very high

I think a female Amazon Kingfisher

Iguana in a tree


 Was doing well with birds and reptiles - then came across a spider monkey

And then found some White-faced Capuchins right upo close on the bank of the river. Even the pilot of the boat got his smartphone out to photograph this fellow. They don't normally come so close.

Little bats
 And then to complete my monkey set - some Howler Monkeys. Especially proud of some of these photos, stretching my zoom lens and ability to hold the camera steady while on a boat.

 Not all the animals are wild - just beyond the trees along the river is farmland - somewhat flooded meadow. And indeed on far side of the river is Nicaragua.

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