Monday, 20 February 2017

Bloc Party at the Roundhouse

This was my second gig on consecutive nights (and indeed my tenth consecutive night out) but a pale shadow of the night before at Two Door Cinema Club.

Now I have to confess I have never been converted to Bloc Party and only went because my two mates liked them (and both actually got out in time to see them this time!). But even they, being better judges than me, were not terribly impressed. The crowd didn't help - a large bunch of drunken "lads" well into their 30s paused in front of us. Genial enough bunch, but drunks tend to be annoying no matter how nice they are trying to be.

And Bloc party and just Kele and his latest band mates, and they lack much in the way of rapport on stage. Bit of  anti-climax if truth be told.

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