Sunday, 12 February 2017

Singapore National Art Gallery

The National Gallery has moved into the old Supreme Court and neighbouring City Hall building, all neatly restored with a modern atrium between the two old buildings. Great use of the old buildings and good galleries, although the building doesn't exactly flow. Takes a lot of effort to work out what you have seen and what you haven't, made harder by some galleries being closed to put in new exhibitions. 

 Anyway, my first aim was to try one of the rooftop restaurants for lunch. I had an exquisite dim sum in beautiful cool surroundings. I was very pleased with my choice.

The rooftop area was impressive all round, including the bars to the side.

Aerial view of the Padang

Walkways between the two halves of the Gallery

  As for the Collection and exhibitions, well not so great, apart from the Colonial one.

 This was the exhibition about the Empire which was pretty decent, mostly British artworks.

As noted above, as a restored building some of the space still looks more like its original purpose...

The post war Asian art is rather less impressive.

The old Court rooms, or at least some have been left as is.

My last night in Singapore was rounded off by a wonderfully over the top seafood dinner - lots of crabs and things that require you to get your hands dirty. And we did. Very. And Gary picked up the bill. Cheers mate, and thanks for putting me up for a week.

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