Sunday, 12 February 2017

Gardens by Marina Bay

The Gardens by the Bay are very extensive and despite a couple of visits I still hadn't explored it all. 

This structure still seems under construction. I guess its a public performance space, giving some shade with this canopy.

Surrounding the "supertrees" in the middle is a long circuitous walk taking in a series of separate gardens, eg a Chinese Garden, an Indian Garden, a Colonial Garden. So I set off to explore each of them, starting with the Chinese..

But before completing the rest of the circuit, I went into the middle to do what I most wanted to do, to walk the skyway which links some of the trees in the canopy. It was well worth it for the views. Incredible place. Must be on your bucket list.

Now, Singapore is somewhat mocked for its rules and regulations. This sign does rather live up to the stereotype in the sheer number of things you are not supposed to do.

Yes, I thought there should be one photo of me somewhere amongst all of these

This shows how the covering vegetation for the trees is grown - in vertical windowboxes

 I am a big fan of Mark Quinn's clever but disconcerting over or under size figure sculptures. This giant baby seemingly hovering on a mound is amongst his best.

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