Sunday, 12 February 2017


I just thought I would start this entry with what a metro station looks like. Rather more spacious than London, but obviously built much more recently to modern standards. And deliciously air-conditioned

So into Chinatown. This is a shopping centre where I had a late and disappointing dim sum lunch.

 There is of course something incongruous about having a Chinatown in a country that is predominantly Chinese, but this dates back to the Colonial Era and allocating parts of the city to the different racial groups (there is a Little India too).

And this being the Chinese Year of the Cockerel, pride of place in the middle is given to a giant inflatable cock. Had to be visited if only for the innuendo value.

The tourist part of Chinatown is, I am afraid to say, oppressive and tacky with myriad stores selling cheap tat, and not so cheap tat.

 Amongst all the bustle is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. An extraordinary and slightly overwhelming piece of bling.

But the most interesting sight in the area is the Singapore City Gallery. That is, if you are a bit obsessed with town planning. The main feature of this is an exhibit explaining how the city was planned, and what's next. I loved it and the attendants had to usher me out at closing time. Fascinating. Honest.

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