Monday, 6 February 2017

Singapore's Civic District

It's Monday morning, workers have duly commuted to work so now its time to explore Singapore. Natural starting point to me seemed to be to take the Metro to City Hall and look around the City's old Colonial remains.

So first out of my mate Gary's back gate. Rather grander view than my own.

Then to City Hall. First thing that impresses are the views of nearby skyscrapers.

But quickly on to the colonial stuff, starting with St Andrew's Cathedral. white and pristine. Its actually the second church - the first was destroyed by lightning. You would think these Christians would take a hint....

 A little further down the road and one reaches City Hall, now linked to the old Supreme Court and together forming the new National Art Gallery. I left visiting the interior to another day.

This is the link between the two buildings forming a modern foyer. Very tasteful. Singapore's colonial  past is vastly better preserved than other Asian versions I have visited

 The Old Parliament is similarly beautiful, and now used as an Arts Centre.

By now one reaches the river, and Raffles Landing. where Raffles first arrived at the port.

This basin has a slightly odd look with a row of old buildings preserved as bars and restaurants while the modern city towers, literally, behind them.

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

 Now one feature of the City I particularly liked was the collection of bronze, life size statues scattered about on the pavements, like this one.

And another of the bronze statues - a collection of boys jumping into the river. The lower one is particularly cleverly poised, as if not attached to anything.

And another..

The Fullerton Hotel
As I was getting hungry I tried to find a restaurant called the Golden Peony in a rater grand modern hotel by the Suntec City complex, all built on reclaimed land. I didn't find this easy as getting out of subterranean shopping complexes isn't fun. they are not designed for escape.

Main outdoor feature is the Fountain of Wealth, below.

The famous Raffles Hotel. I settled for a photo rather than an exorbitantly priced cocktail

Next to the hotel is a former convent called Chijmes, now a collection or restaurants bars and craft shops.

Next door is the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Across the road and one comes to the Singapore Art Museum

Thence I ventured into Fort Canning Park, up on the hill, and the National Museum of Singapore. Great work done on refurbishing this. Less impressed by the artworks inside or out.

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