Saturday, 11 February 2017

Singapore public art and the Asian Civilisations Museum

Singapore is very, well, glossy. It shines. A feature of so much glass. And if you a modern glassy planned sort of place you add in some public art to show you aren't all about commerce, although of course you are all about commerce. But I do like the public quirky bits out here,  much better than in the UK where public art is more pretentious and correspondingly shoddier

You have to admire the artistry of the green living wall in the background here, not content with getting vertical plant growing, its don to mark out an atlas of the world

 In amongst all the skyscrapers, a little pair of Chinese temples survive.

 Back down by the Boat Quay, with a backdrop of skyscrapers are the row of restored shophouses, now mostly bars and restaurants selling insanely expensive drink. Like the Penny Black below.


 The views across the harbour are stunning.


 On the other side is the Asian Civilisations Museum which in truth is cooler for its stylish spaces than the exhibits.

 As the Museum is in earlier buildings which have been restored it allows quirkier designs, like having the exterior of the original facades now inside.

One gallery is very imaginatively devoted to the display of a the contents of local sea wrecks. A lot of plates could be boring, but...

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