Saturday, 18 February 2017

Langkawi mangrove cruise

If there is one trip you are going to try in Langkawi its got to be to go on a mangrove cruise. You will not be alone. It is popular, and people get collected from all the hotels on the island to converge on one area with river, caves and of course mangrove swamps.

No crocodiles, but monitor lizards are plentiful and relatively impressive. View from rear...

 ...and profile on top of his rock in the sun.

First stop on the cruise is to enter the bat caves. Alas our guide seemed to have the least illuminating torch, so best shot I got of the bats is this rather blurry image. And there were a lot of guides each with their tour groups stacking up to get into the caves.

More attractive than the bats were the limestone stalagmites and stalactites.

And here is some mangrove swamp close up

But more fun perhaps are the local macaque monkeys. While they do feed on crabs and proper natural things, of course the train of human visitors willing to feed them is what makes this spot particularly attractive to them.

Back on the boat and a bit of river cruising.

And then to the next bit of human drawn wildlife. Sea eagles, along with some kites, who get fed chicken skins by the boatmen. And bits of dead chicken are easier to catch than fish. However, spectacular  they are to see, they are far too tricky to photograph well on the wing.

So, monkeys, bats, crabs, birds of prey, monitor lizards, what next on the wildlife front? Ah yes, a good sized viper


Of course there is always a harder way of doing this sort of trip. The eco-friendly version is on a kayak.

And finally one gets out into open sea and hug the coast a bit.

 Our destination is a secluded beach. Beautiful beaches are not a rarity on Langkawi. But this one was particularly nice given the backdrop of steep rainforest.

 It also had about the number of other people I like to find on a beach.0.

Come on, admit it, you fancy being there don't you? One of those spots it is almost too beautiful to enjoy properly.

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