Sunday, 12 February 2017

Singapore Botanical Gardens

 Singapore's Botanical Gardens are world renowned, mostly for their orchids. They have their own metro station so couldn't be easier to reach, and one could happily spend a day there. A legacy of the Colonial era of which we can be proud, and in stark contrast to other comparable spots (eg Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka) beautifully maintained and added to.


 The Gardens have may attractions. This includes an evolution trail, tracing the evolution of plants.

 The Orchid centre requires an extra fee, but well worth it. Be prepared, orchids are very photogenic...

 This lovely little house, now an exhibition space, tops the sloping orchid garden.

This is a little Sunbird. Hard to catch as flitted around. It drinks the nectar of some of these flowers rather like a humming-bird.

 At the far end of the gardens is a large lake with a sculpture of swans in take-off in the middle of it, next to an island in the lake.

 And finally there is a bit of original forest in the middle of the gardens with a wooden walkway through it. In amongst it all was this little bird. No idea what it is, but guess its somewhat of a rarity given the swathe of local photographers and huge lenses trained on it,

See what I mean?

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