Sunday, 12 February 2017

The Singapore Flyer

Singapore has its version of the London Eye, so I felt almost obliged to try it. Also gave me the opportunity/excuse to use the Helix Bridge. In all honesty I preferred the bridge. 

Apart from being quite pricey, and the glass not being very clean, I had to share my pod with a young Indian family - father wandering around trying to video everything while his three small children were playing chase around the bench seats in the middle. Grr.

Aerial view of the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest

The sports stadium

The "ship" at the top of the Marina Sands Hotel

Never look down

Now I was attempting to get to the National Art Gallery to finish off my stay in Singapore and to do so passed by the Padang, another Colonial remnant. Its a bit of open ground, now used for cricket and football but once was the sort of place you perambulated. Of course it now has a very different backdrop!

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