Saturday, 18 February 2017

Evening at the Danna

What's not to love about evenings in the Far East by the sea? Warm. Soft light. Beautiful sunsets. Ah, mosquitoes, yes that's what not to like. But the rest is good.

Down by the marina are a row of restaurants. I had tried the hotel's main restaurant and the food was good if a little expensive. But it was dark. Now I know low lighting is supposed to be restful and all that, but when they have to give you a little torch with your menu surely it should dawn on folks that they have taken the ambience a bit too far.

So I quite enjoyed the nearby restaurants. The Italian was pretty decent. This sea bass was fine

The best was a Chinese restaurant called the Golden Wok. Food was good - Chinese seafood. Unfortunately, something has to give, good inexpensive food but...atrocious service. For example my chilli prawns arrived ages before my fried rice, or any cutlery. And getting a bill took ages. And most of my change was missing.

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