Monday, 20 February 2017

Jungle trek

To be honest "coastal walk and forest climb" might have been a more honest description of this evening excursion.

We met up at a very posh hotel resort, which has a central hotel but then lots of  apartments along the coast, for those who want something a bit more "with nature" than a big hotel, but without losing the creature comforts. 

You see what I mean by exclusive and with nature....

A few resting bats.

And if you don't want the room on stilts overlooking the Bay option above, you could pick the enclosed by the rain-forest option below
 Anyway, stunning views.

 But highlight of this excursion occurred before we even got into the rain-forest. Down on the coastal road we cam across a group of spectacled monkeys.

Now the really odd feature of these monkeys is that although the adults are essentially black/grey, the babies are bright yellow. Bit of the Prince Harry going on here.

After the coastal walk we headed up into the jungle. Here photos stop pretty much both because it was relatively steep climb and I had better things to do than take photos, and also because it was rapidly getting dark.  Obviously the dense forest makes it dark anyway, but our extended monkey photo shoot had delayed us. It was distinctly gloomy by the time we finished.

But the reason for our late departure was the hope of catching sight of one of these little critters - a flying lemur. Unfortunately, this was the best view we got, not flying but cosying up in a whole.

Ad one further nocturnal scene. The green lights of squid fishermen.

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