Monday, 6 February 2017

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world, so I felt it ought to be on my itinerary. It was also my only trip anywhere by bus as the metro doesn't reach this far. 

It is certainly an excellent zoo, with lots of variety in displaying its animals. So lots of animal photos friends,. What did you expect?

In addition to live animals, they clearly felt the need to cash in on the dinosaur craze, so near the entrance is path through some animatronic dinos.

The orang-utans are virtually in their native habitat and swing around overhead as well as having their own compound.

 For a small fee you can feed the giraffes.

 If you are wondering, these are mole rats.

You can't fault the setting for the zoo either.

A very pleasant spot was a huge cage that you could enter, an aviary I suppose although there were small mammals too. Nice not to have wire mesh between you and the creatures.

Tortoises in rampant sex. Not very torrid really

 This a sun bear in case you were wondering. Impressive Freddy Krueger claws

 One of the best features of the zoo in my opinion was a hill with multiple primate colonies.

 Now that is what I call an arse.

 The baboon enclosure was possibly the most striking of all. They really
have a very large colony.

 And their backsides are truly extraordinary I think you will agree.

Sharing the upper reaches of this rocky enclosure was a very stately and dignified goat.

And finally the Australian zone, with particular focus on a group of tree kangaroos.

 The zoo has a rare white tiger. Very cuddly. ta safe distance

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