Monday, 6 February 2017

River safari

Next to the zoo there is a separate entrance (and fee) for the river safari. I had assumed this was a boat trip, but actually its just a series of exhibits, mostly on land, relating to the world's great rivers. Its a combination of aquariums and land based smaller enclosures.

 But a distinctly non-riverine animal is squeezed into the narrative of the Yangtze, the Giant Panda.
This is a clever bit of marketing - to get the "zoo's" star attraction into the bit that charges extra. But it was well worth it. Firstly their enclosure is air-conditioned, which alone made one want to to linger. But on top they are amazingly cute creatures. You really have to love them. Honestly, this is a pared down number of my photos.

 Eventually I dragged myself away from the pandas and ventured to the far end of this section which abutts onto a reservoir, so you get a little boat ride out into the lake.

 After one boat trip, another. But this Amazon River Quest is more like a fair ride. Rather too quickly one is whisked passed a number of animal enclosures.

 And we finish off with the manatees, which I rather like.

All in all a very pleasant day. Would certainly recommend this on a trip to Singapore. But definitely put aside a whole day for it.

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